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Well attended Capital Markets Day by Hansa Medical

Regulatory information
Biopharma Company Hansa Medical AB (publ), listed on Nasdaq Stockholm’s main list (ticker: HMED), held today, November 13, 2015, a Capital Markets Day at Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) in Stockholm.

Hansa Medical's CEO Göran Arvidson welcomed everyone to the company's first Capital Markets Day. On the podium were also some of the world's top experts in the field of importance to Hansa Medical´s clinical program.

Professor Lars Björck at Lund University spoke about the discovery and the initial research on Hansa Medical's leading clinical project IdeS, currently in Phase II clinical trials for the treatment of sensitized kidney transplant patients.

Hansa Medical’s CSO, Dr. Christian Kjellman, gave a scientific overview of IdeS and its possible indication landscape, including transplantation and acute autoimmune diseases, while Emanuel Björne, Director, Corporate Development and Investor Relations, spoke about IdeS potential patient population.

The well-reputed transplantation experts Professor Stanley Jordan at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Professor Robert A. Montgomery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, and Professor Gunnar Tufveson at Uppsala University Hospital described the difficulties in transplanting sensitized patients, how the antibodies affect the patient's ability to be transplanted, as well as their own experience of desensitization with plasma exchange and IVIg / anti-CD20 treatment.

Dr. Tufveson furthermore disclosed that to date five patients in the current Swedish phase II study have been transplanted.

Dr. Tufveson and Dr. Jordan gave their views of how they have worked actively with IdeS in connection with kidney transplantation and clinical phase II trials, and how IdeS might improve the quality of life for sensitized patients currently on dialysis. Dr. Jordan furthermore disclosed data from a patient with a PRA level of 100% treated with IdeS and transplanted successfully at Cedars-Sinai in July this year.

Dr. Montgomery described the desensitization and intervention methods currently in use and underlined the fact that patients who are transplanted in association with current regimes “have always been in the presence of antibodies”. However, IdeS has proved to be extremely effective in lowering the antibody presence to negligible levels in patients with high titer antibodies.

Lena Winstedt and Steven Glazer – CRD and CMO respectively at Hansa Medical - specified how the company has projected its ongoing and planned studies of IdeS within transplantation and autoimmune diseases.

Emanuel Björne, Hansa Medicald´s Director Corporate Development and Investors Relations,

Informed about HBP-assay and the partnership with Axis-Shield Diagnostic. Axis-Shield is aiming at launching a clinical chemistry version of the HBP-assay during first half of 2016.

"Hansa Medical has over the last year passed a number of important milestones, both scientifically, financially and organizationally. This is an excellent opportunity for us to provide a better picture of where the company is and where we are heading. It is a valuable opportunity to communicate with shareholders and the market and we plan to schedule in similar briefings in the future”, said Göran Arvidson.

The videotaped presentations from the Capital Markets Day will be posted on shortly.

The information in this press release is disclosed pursuant to the Securities Markets Act or the Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was released for public disclosure on November 13, 2015, at 17.00 CET.