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Hansa Medical to present IdeS at the 2014 World Transplant Congress in San Francisco, July 27

Regulatory information
Hansa Medical will present the drug candidate IdeS’s potential as a novel treatment for desensitization prior to kidney transplantation, at the poster session on July 27 at the 2014 World Transplant Congress in San Francisco, USA.

The World Transplant Congress gathers international experts on transplantation, attracts prominent keynote speakers as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies committed to the improvement of treatment of transplantation patients.

For more information about the World Transplant Congress, please visit:

The poster presentation will emphasize IdeS’ antibody deactivating effect and safety, demonstrated in a recently concluded Phase I study in healthy volunteers as well as in sera from sensitized patients pre-kidney transplantation.

More on IdeS
Hansa Medicals’ drug candidate IdeS is developed as a fast, safe and expedient method to deactivate IgG-antibodies in sensitized patients prior to kidney transplantation. For sensitized patients, IgG-antibodies pose the primary obstacle for a transplant, forcing patients into years of treatment in dialysis. A successful Phase I-study was finalized in January 2014 and a Phase II study is planned for 2014 in sensitized patients awaiting kidney transplantation.