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Genovis AB enters settlement and license agreement with Promega Corporation in patent infringement case

Regulatory information
Genovis AB, in which Hansa Medical strategically holds ten per cent of the shares, has reached a settlement and license agreement with Promega Corporation in a patent infringement case. The details in the agreement have not been disclosed

In November 2014, Genovis filed a complaint for patent infringement by Promega in the US regarding one of Promega’s products that concerns Genovis’s product FabRICATOR, originally developed using technology licensed from Hansa Medical. Genovis and Promega have now reached a settlement agreement, which includes a license agreement between the two parties.

The license agreement allows both parties to continue worldwide sale of IdeS and IdeZ products such as FabRICATOR for non-clinical applications such as the analysis of antibodies and the production of IgG-fragments.

Neither of the two agreements have any financial or commercial implications on Hansa Medical’s ongoing business.