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Hansa Biopharma
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Hansa Biopharma

Hansa Medical closes preclinical research project and focuses on clinical development of enzyme based treatment of rare diseases

8 Dec 2011, 16:29
Regulatory information

Hansa Medical is a biopharmaceutical development company focused on inflammatory diseases. The company develops innovative biological pharmaceuticals and diagnostic methods both independently and in partnership with large, established companies. Up until today’s date, three development projects have been undertaken: IdeS, HMD-301 and anti-alpha-11. In addition to these projects, the enzyme EndoS has been evaluated as a drug candidate.

Hansa Medical has determined to terminate the project anti-alpha-11, a novel treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. The project is in early preclinical development phase and Hansa Medical has, in collaboration with Alere, worked with the development of antibodies towards the drug target alpha-11.

”Alpha-11 is an exciting drug target but we have not, in a reasonable period of time, succeeded in achieving a preclinical proof-of-concept for this early research project within rheumatoid arthritis. We, and our alpha-11 collaboration partner Alere Inc., have chosen to terminate our involvement in this project. Instead, Hansa Medical will focus its operations on the forthcoming clinical study of the drug candidate IdeS, and on the preclinical development of the sister molecule EndoS. Both of these enzymes are well studied with known mechanism of action and clear clinical applications for rare diseases with high unmet medical need. The start of our Phase 1 study with IdeS is planned for Q2 2012 and if the outcome of this is positive, we can initiate Phase II studies within transplantation during 2013, ” states Emanuel Björne, CEO of Hansa Medical AB.

IdeS is an enzyme-based biopharmaceutical drug candidate for enabling kidney transplantation for sensitised patients, a patient group which, today, is especially problematic to transplant due to high levels of anti-donor antibodies. IdeS also has the potential to improve treatment opportunities for patients with rare autoimmune diseases.

The ongoing clinical trial with the in vitro diagnostic method HMD-301 in collaboration with Axis-Shield continues as planned.

For further information, please contact:
Hansa Medical AB
Emanuel Björne, CEO
Mobile: 46 707 17 54 77

Hansa Medical is a biopharmaceutical development company focused on inflammation. The company develops innovative biopharmaceuticals and diagnostics in partnership with major companies with market presence as well as under full Hansa Medical management. At present, three primary product candidates are in development; IdeS, EndoS and HMD-301. Novel research projects and product candidates are generated through academic collaborations and in-house development. Hansa Medical is publicly traded at NASDAQ OMX First North under ticker symbol HMED. Remium Nordic AB is Certified Adviser to Hansa Medical.