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Hansa Biopharma
HNSA (, %) SEK
Hansa Biopharma
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2 Feb 2023, 08:00 | Regulatory

· Total 2022 revenue of SEK 155m
· Cash runway extended into 2025
· Market Access obtained in four of the five largest European markets
· Reported positive Phase 2 top-line data in AMR
· Decision made to initiate clinical study with imlifidase as a pre-treatment to Sarepta’s SRP-9001 gene therapy in 2023
30 Jan 2023, 17:00 | Regulatory
Christian Kjellman also served as Chief Operating Officer since January 2020
2 Jan 2023, 08:00

· Idefirix[®] is the first and only product approved for use in highly sensitized patients waiting for a kidney transplant in the Czech Republic[1,2]
· Availability of Idefirix[®] for eligible highly sensitized patients to begin January 1, 2023


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