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Our equity story

Imlifidase – a novel approach to eliminate pathogenic IgG

Our first-generation IgG-cleaving enzyme, imlifidase, is designed to inactivate IgG antibodies in the plasma and tissue through a single intravenous treatment. Within two to six hours following infusion of imlifidase, substantially all IgG in the patient’s serum and tissue is cleaved. While IgG is suppressed, it cannot mediate pathological mechanisms, thereby preventing and inhibiting adverse immune reactions, such as IgG dependent complement activation, cell killing and cell activation. IgG levels are suppressed for approximately 5-7 days, before it gradually returns back to normality.

Potential indication universe

New indications

Beyond kidney transplantation, imlifidase could potentially be used in post-transplantation and transplantation of other organs, as a treatment for acute autoimmune diseases and as a pre-treatment for gene therapy.


Additionally, we are developing a next generation of enzymes under the program NiceR for more frequent dosing. The NiceR program will potentially open up a very large universe of indications, including a number of gene therapy programs, autoimmune diseases and oncology.

Our Business Model

In transplantation and autoimmune diseases, we intend to rely on our own commercial infrastructure, utilizing inhouse capabilities from an experienced and skilled team to secure a successfully entry into these markets. In other areas such as gene therapy and oncology, we consider alternative pathways such as establishing development and commercialization partnerships.

Our Strategic Priorities


Our development programs

We believe there is significant opportunity for our clinically validated IgG-cleaving enzyme technology to serve as a treatment option across several therapeutic areas and indications. Our broad therapeutic pipeline investigates potential applications across transplantation, autoimmune diseases, gene therapy and oncology indications to address significant unmet medical needs.


Our mid-term financial priorities

Hansa’s key mid-term financial priorities will be focused on securing a successful European launch, as well as expanding commercially across larger European markets, while targeting satisfactory product profitability in Eu rope.

Secondly, the Company wishes to further strengthen its position and expansion in kidney transplantation as Hansa approaches a potential market approval in the U.S.

Thirdly, the Company anticipates accelerating its activities in areas such as autoimmunity, gene therapy and oncology. Lastly, Hansa wishes to continue engaging in more potential partnerships in both gene therapy and oncology as well as into technology areas, where it potentially makes senses to build and develop combination therapies.